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California DUI Bible

Welcome to the California DUI Bible

Your ultimate guide to navigating your recent DUI arrest with confidence.  

Save time and money with our comprehensive guide, providing you with the tools you need to make informed decisions and take action to restore your driving privileges.  

Whether this is your first, second or third DUI, use this DUI Bible to guide you through the complex DUI process in California when it comes to the DMV and Court. The DUI bible will provide guidance on the following information: 

Explaining what the DMV Administrative Per se hearing ins

What significance the “pink slip” has to continue driving

How to continue to drive if your license is suspended

Whether you need to hire an attorney or not

Explaining the court process step by step

How to request your Administrative Per Se hearing

How to continue to drive without your physical license

How to obtain a restricted license while license is suspended

How much you will be paying in fines if convicted in court

Explaining the DMV process step by step... AND MORE


Unlock the secrets to success after a DUI arrest with our step-by-step guide, ensuring you’re prepared every step of the way 

California DUI Bible


When you are arrested for a DUI, two separate proceedings begin almost immediately.  FIRST, the DMV will take action on your driving privileges. SECOND, you will have received a future court date either on your citation or booking release from jail.

The DMV hearing is independent from the criminal court case.  To some extent (exceptions listed below), the DMV hearing does not have any bearing on your court case and vice versa.  Except, if you are found not guilty of DUI in court, you can take that judgement to the DMV and have them reverse their decision, if your license was suspended. 

Why do I need the DUI Bible?

Great question.  The DUI bible was created by expert DUI attorneys practicing in the state of California.  The DUI bible will provide you with step by step guidance on how to proceed after your DUI arrest. Here are some of the questions the DUI bible will help guide you through:

What happens to my driver’s license? 

Will my insurance rate go up?

How do I request a DMV hearing?

What is the 10 day rule? 

What happens in Court?

Do I need to hire a lawyer?... AND MORE

California DUI Bible

Don't take our word for it!

Janice Stewart

San Diego

"I recently found myself facing a DUI charge, and I cannot emphasize enough how much the DUI Bible has helped me through this challenging time.  The DUI bible provided valuable guidance and offered a step by step approach to handling the DMV and court process."

Joseph Madrigal

San Diego

"The DUI bible is an invaluable resource that I wish I had discovered sooner.  After my DUI arrest, I was overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty about what would happen and this ebook proved to be an indispensable guide for navigating the aftermath of my DUI arrest."

Spencer McCarthy

Orange County

"This resource offers a comprehensive roadmap for what happens after a DUI arrest. This ebook has been a great resource, providing me with the knowledge and guidance needed to handle my DUI arrest.  I knew exactly what to expect after my DUI arrest and this ebook was on point with all the advice and guidance. Highly recommended!"

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